Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

If you are Irish, or just enjoy green food, here is a way to get in the spirit without resorting to green food coloring. I’m not a big fan of plain cooked greens, but I like this, so give it a try! Maybe it will even bring you luck.

Green Spaghetti

1 lb spaghetti, cooked

10 oz fresh or frozen greens, these can be kale, spinach, or pretty much any cooking green.

1/4 C broth

1/2 C parmesean cheese

1/2 C milk or cream

4 T butter


1. Wash greens then steam greens in microwave just until bright green.

2. Put greens and broth in blender, liquefy.

3. Stir in cheese and milk

4. Serve over spaghetti.