All Things Erratic

The world seems to be very changeable around here lately. On Sunday, the wee one and I took the bike and trailer to the library. The weather was beautiful, warm and sunny. Yesterday and last night it snowed like crazy, one last gasp for winter. Now this snow needs to hurry up and melt so the tulips can be blooming by my birthday.

James has also been rather unpredictable. In the last month, he has started occasionally skipping his afternoon nap. Then he usually goes to bed a bit earlier. His morning nap has always been his longer, better, reliable nap that is only skipped when we are out and about all morning. Not so yesterday. He wanted nothing to do with sleep until afternoon. Tired though he was, he refused to take a nap even then. Finally, about 4:30pm Mr. Cranky took a short nap, right when I was debating if I should just keep him up until bedtime. After that, we was refreshed enough to stay up until 8pm then went down for the night. And when I say “the night”, I mean the night. He didn’t wake up until past 7 this morning! This is the boy who has never gone through a night in his life without waking at least twice, and usually more, for “nummies” (nursing). I kept waking up wondering why he wasn’t calling for a snack, but I would hear him shifting in his bed or a little cough, so I knew he was fine. Who knows what this kid will do next… I would love to believe that sleeping through the night will become a habit, but that is probably just wishful thinking. And, truth be told, I’m not sure that I’d be willing to forgo naps in order to get it!


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