Forget the must-have bag, ditch the little black dress, if you really want to be fashionable, wear a baby. No one will notice your clothes, just the little cherub attached to you. Babywearing has gotten me through many days with a clingy child or a nursing constantly child. It has allowed James to nurse and sleep through church services and caucuses. What is babywearing? Exactly what you would guess: carrying your baby around in a sling or otherwise attached to you.

Baby in Ring SlingThere are so many benefits to babywearing, it’s hard to know where to start! Babywearing lets you keep baby close, while keeping your hands free and your arms from getting tired. Carried around this way, baby gets to see lots of things that he wouldn’t while sitting still in an infant seat. It’s wonderful stimulation for that little brain. Having your baby close also helps build the bond with your child. You become quicker to pick up on baby’s cues. Baby’s needs get met sooner, so baby cries less. One study found that carrying an infant 3 hours a day reduced crying by 43%! In many baby carriers, you can breastfeed in public, and no one has any idea what is going on.

Other than the necessities of clothes and diapers, I think a good baby carrier is most important thing new parents can have. No other thing can do so much to ease the early days of parenthood. Babywearing is not just for little babies, though. My son is 14 months now, and big for his age. I don’t plan to stop carrying him any time soon. The mei tai (a type of carrier) is the only way I can get him to nurse and nap on the go these days.

The absolute best thing about babywearing is the sweetness of having a tiny little person completely happy being snuggled up to mom or dad, radiating the soft perfume of warm baby.

I’ll post more later on the different types of carriers and how to make your own so you don’t have to sell a kidney to afford a carrier.



  1. Steve said,

    29 Mar 2008 at 12:13 am

    Nice post explaining the benefits about baby wearing. Being a father I also like baby wearing as it helps building a bond between a father and the child.

  2. Sheryl said,

    29 Mar 2008 at 9:06 am

    Babywearing is one of the best experiences that I had with my daughter. It allowed us countless hours of “bonding” and as a single mom, it kept my hands free for other things.

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