This Morning’s Dilemma

James finished his breakfast quickly this morning, so I cleaned him up, he crawled off to play, and I sat down to finish my breakfast. A minute later, he crawled back dragging a book and wanting me to read it to him. This sweet little boy just wanted his mommy to read to him. Could there be a better desire for a 14-month old to have? I love, and want to encourage, his interest in books, but I wanted to finish my breakfast too. He needs to learn that he doesn’t always get what he wants, and sometimes he needs to wait, so I opted for telling him that I would read the book after I finished eating. He kept trying to shove the book at me and started crying. I felt awful denying him, especially since I wasn’t sure if he understood that he would get his book read in just a minute, but I stuck to my decision. It seems that parenting means a lot of having your heart pulled in different directions. We did sit and read for quite a while after breakfast.


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